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I'm sorry I'm through reading this book, 21 Aug 2011 Bill Wilcox (Texas, USA) - See all my reviews
I remember quite a bit about world war 2, but during the time of Dunkirk I was only seven. Other than the movie "Mrs Miniver" I really have known very little about the action and about England during that period. Dunkirk Spirit is a very well written, interesting and entertaining account. It comes across as well researched. And, it is very sad. It kept me hooked until I finished it and then I was disappointed that I was through - I trust you know the feeling. With a few books I feel that I am well rewarded by reading the book and I am disappointed that I am through. The author Alan Pearce fleshes out his characters very well and I find myself wondering what happened to Sandy - did he survive the war and make it back to England. Did Archie (?) marry his best friends little sister, etc.

I just finished reading another book, a memoir by an Englishman who fought in Burma during WW2 and the way the two authors talk about the troops and the culture of the army and the society that produced the army are very similar. I am a Texan who has never been further east than Maine and I have a real interest in England the land of my forefathers.

I don't believe you will regret reading this book.

“Tragic, gut-wrenching and uplifting” 19 Jan 2011
David Holmes
This is the first Kindle book I have read, and I must admit I wasn't expecting too much. A prejudice, I guess, against new technology.
The first page or so of the first chapter made me think that it was a fairly lightweight book, but I persevered, and I am so pleased I did! This is a real unputdownable book. It is by no means lightweight. It is a stirring, and I assume accurately portrayed, account of Dunkirk through the experiences of 'real' people. I found it moving, tragic, gut-wrenching and uplifting. I am an avid reader of books in this genre, whether fiction, faction or factual, from Antony Beevor's D-Day and Staligrad, through 1st WW and medieval such as Juliet Barker's Agincourt and Bernard Cornwell's Azincourt. I can honestly say that this rates amongst the best that I have read.

“Excellent read!!!” 3 May 2011
Bob Bailey
Just finished reading this book on my Kindle, excellent read. Tales that are harrowing mixed with, at times, humour. My late Uncle was at Dunkirk. Now i feel i know a lot more about what he went through. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys hearing the human side of a Battle using different personalities.

“An Eye-Opener!" 3 June 2011
Philip Balency:
My grandfather was taken off the beach from one of the British destroyers and taken to England so I have often wondered what it was like for him. I saw the film Week-end à Zuydcoote which gives a French perspective and I also saw the British film Dunkirk, which I felt was rather bland. This book really opened my eyes. The detail is not over-worked but somehow you feel and smell the terrible events. It is difficult for movies to really portray a story like this, even with CGI today, because it is so vast but the author here has done a good job of making you feel as if you were actually there. This is the sort of book that I will continue to dip into for years. Having read this at incredible speed I feel now that I want to go back and pay more attention to the individuals.

“A roller-coaster of a read” 1 June 2011
Tim Gullman
I have just finished reading this on my iPhone and it was great. This is the first book I’ve read this way and was surprised just how easily the pages flicked by. I felt the author’s portrayal of the time and place was good and in places it had me really worked up. This is quite a roller-coaster of a read. I should add that his understanding of the working of the Royal Navy of the period is excellent with just the right tone of the officers and the gritty hard work of the ratings.

“Great fast paced writing” 30 May 2011
Charles Godfry-Burns:
This is a real tour-de-force. Sorry to have finished it!

 “It made me cry and then laugh” 30 May 2011
Lauren Williams
What I loved most about this book – aside from the ever-increasing pace – were the female characters, especially Kitty. I guess this is what makes this book work for me – the fact that this isn’t just about soldiers or sailors but lets you see how it all affected the civilians and how, from calm beginnings, it turned into a mad rush to get everyone back. I also found it unbearably sad in places but it did leave me with a big smile, and the images and the people stayed with me for a long time after. This one really gets my recommendation.

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